We lips

We lips This means that boys should be more physically brought up be not indoors and outdoors?

And the girls need it less?

Girls should be in the rooM. And it turns out that we return Xia to the natural framework in which humanity existed whole life.

It is interesting that we have observed in our system of education.

We lips rebuilt that once a week, go on nature.

And at some point, part of Devo check said that they prefer to stay in class and finish their tasks, instead of going to the Park.

And the boys and was waiting for the day when we let's go for a walk, because for them this is the greatest pleasure.

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Ivan took

Ivan took mother asked, entering the rooM. We simply played, mummy murmured the younger the brother, rising from a floor.

Boys, I was tidied up on mezzanines, and to me are necessary assistants to take out old things on a garbage can on mother asked.

I can have though slightly free time.

Ivan took offense.

Mothers, I will carry everything, I all the same have nothing to do offered the Ear ring.

Study at the brother, Wan.

It is younger than you, and is responsible it has more than sta mother noticed.

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Work , learn, teach

Work , learn, teach Irina I Covic professional practicing psychologist, graduated from Moscow state University.

After Lomonosov, faculty of psychology, member of the Pro professional Psychotherapeutic League, Certified psiheja materails, working on TV and radiocast first HUMAN DEVELOPMENT FROM to Integral world I many years work in their practice with children and parents.

Work , learn, teach and try to combine all sorts of theories and methodology of development of the person.

Strikes me in your methods ke its universality, which is based on the principles and concepts develop and do not contradict each other.

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Having In despair Sundar Sinkh rejected a shovel and was tumbled down on the earth.

To cut trees at it forces were not enough any more.

Having suffered defeat in open fight, Sundar Sinkh wanted to achieve victories in a roundabout way, after all it had a reputation for the handsome.

Having counted upon the beauty, it decided to win the heart tsarevnas.

To me only to meet it.

She in a trice will be captivated my exterior and immediately will take me in grooms, differently and to be cannot, Sinkh estimated.

It wiped from the beautiful dirt and dust also hurried faces on a female half of the palace.

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At the first

At the first It agrees E.

Mesh and D.

Wolf , tasks of Broadcasting Company are ?

overcoming of disobedience and elimination of defiant behavior of the child; adaptation to the emotional difficulties caused by education of the child with SDVG; control over a situation; protection of other family members against influence of adverse factors.

At the first meetings with parents the doctor andor the psychologist have to explain to parents biological nature of a disease.

It is important to convince parents that in the circumstances the child is not guilty.

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If we go this

If we go this And we seek an entirely different!

We must begin immediate implementation of this theme, and then we can develop it further.

If we go this way, then a prosperous free eat, because this corresponds to the nature, and any sample taken from nature successful.

In the implementation of education teaches senior Junior, how many percent comrade from the total time of lessons need to be devoted to twenty, ten, five?

Once a day or a week?

What we want to achieve that little learning from the elders?

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Of course, not all children

Of course, not all children Further, switching from one sound on another, it is difficult for it to merge sounds, syllables, to construct the phrase.

We will notice that the rhythm influences activity activization Ana lizatorny systems, formation of mezhanalizatorny communications and development of integrative activity of a brain.

Of course, not all children with neurologic violations seize sound structure of the word equally.

One with you razhenny delays of speech development test a zn chitelny difficulties in a partition of words on separate a sound vy elements, others with various forms of a dizartriya easily master simple forms of the sound analysis and will jam nyatsya in the analysis of words with it is defective said a sound mI. For children with a tserebrastenichesky syndrome are characteristic weakness of acoustical attention, difficulty of localization of a sound, that promotes understanding of the turned speech.

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